Vodka and live rocks

4 weeks ago I bought 25 lbs of Pukani dry rock from Bulk Reef Supply and added it to the 40 gal breeder which was plagued with hair algae. I was going to cure it in my hospital tank, however when it arrived I realized that 25 lbs of this rock is the same size as 40 lbs or so of typical rock. I dumped it in the display and nothing bad happened.

I began vodka dosing with Grey Goose and have gradually elevated my dosing from .1 mm to 5mm a day. There is the expected cyano outbreak, and my GFO reactor is working overtime, but everything seems to be working well.

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Green eggs and bio flim

Currently our 40 gallon breeder has a massive hair and diatom algae outbreak. Of course this could have something to do with me running a filter sock and only changing it every 6 months or so. Or it could have to do with me feeding our gluttonous heniochous 5 times a day.

My Euphelias look horrible. Both the hammer coral (13 heads) and the large frogspawn are not extending probably due to algae. I am dumping in massive ammounts of Algae Fix and have begun to vodka dose. I will be upping the amount of live rock since the vodka will kill out my macro algae. I am planning on adding a carbon and GFO reactor. If all else fails I guess I will make the move to bio pellets in about five weeks.

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Seahorses are breeding

Our seahorses are now breeding with amazing regularity. We have yet to raise them past one week of age. Our next project is to build a kreisel tank for them. These tanks allow the seahorses to live in the water column and not be as effected by flow or floating near the surface.

This guy seems to have a great design:

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Failed the rabbit test.

Unfortunately our rabbit fish died. I figure that he was wild caught and had a rough time being shipped here.

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My lovely wife really wanted a Siganus Doliatus from the fishstore today.


Today my wife and I went to the fish store to pick up a few buckets of water . We left with this awesome fish called the Barred Rabbitfish ( Siganus Doliatus .) We floated him for 10 minutes and threw him in our big tank. He is currently being picked on by our usually docile Kole Tang and on occasion even our massive Henriochus as they fight to see who is on top of our tanks pecking order.


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Matted Pair of Seahorses (Hippocampus erectus)

Seahorses….. long thought to be the last frontier of the marine aquarist….. Now it seems that we may be the only hope for their survival.

Colored Lined Seahorse (H. erectus)

Two weeks ago I purchased two seahorses through my LFS here in Lubbock. The staff there is excellent (if your from out of town you probably find this a foreign concept.) The horses are a mated pair from ORA and eat frozen mysis shrimp. They are in my 20 gallon long (which I nuked a few months back by vodka dosing)

As a person who is foremost concerned with the conservation of our oceans I welcome the opportunity to study and learn about these unique creatures, who are a Series II endangered species. And am looking forward to participating in the effort to keep these magnificent creatures from becoming extinct.

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Olive the Kole Tang

I added a new Kole Tang named Olive to my 45 gallon long. She seems rather content and might like it better with the many caves instead of in a larger tank. Time will tell.

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