How to Start a Reef Tank.

This will be a record of my reef tank created at 11am December 15, 2009.

The original tank was a 29 gallon long that was given to me by my good friend Kurt. This tank was originally set up with a hang on the back filter from Walmart. The tank was originally set up using a miniature resin water filter and Instant Ocean Synthetic Sea Salt and CaribSea Aragonite sand both of these purchases were less than $50 from Petsmart.

At 12:15 the same day (a little over an hour later) the tank had its first inhabitant a newly bought pajama cardinal known as Mr. Fish purchased at my local fish store (LFS) Mr. Aquarium. How Mr. Fish survived the early days of an uncycled tank with a used hang on the back filter (with very used filter pads from a fresh water aquarium) i will never know. (the first picture was taken at 12:15 pm the day the tank was set up, the second a little after.)

Day 1 Reef Aquarium Mr. Fish Day 1

Mr. Fish Day 1

I also purchased the same day 18 lbs. of cured live rock from Mr. Aquarium and put it into a newly purchased 10 gallon tank with hood from Petsmart. I bought a ZooMed Powersweep powerhead rated at 160 gph for flow in the 10 gallon tank while my live rock cured.

Live Rock Curing

Live Rock Curing in 10 gallon Quarantine Tank


About thestackersreef

My name is Brandon Stacker and i am a hobbyist marine reef aquarium keeper from Lubbock, Texas. I go to school at Wayland Baptist University and am the happily married father of two.
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