By the middle of May the water in my Reef Tank began looking really bad

I really wish that i had taken a picture of how bad my tank looked during this time, however the green hair algae made it almost as green as my outdoor fish pond. I also noticed a few bubble algae for the first time.

The last week in May i began to remove the harmful algae by hand. I became a little too aggressive and somehow broke the bottom of my tank sending a very unhappy Mr. Fish and an assortment of snails and hermit crabs to my living room carpet. My wife Crystal was absolutely wonderful as she saved every single living thing in the aquarium and sifted through sand and live rock with shattered glass so that we could save the reef.

I was very fortunate to have my quarantine tank to be able to put all of our reef inhabitants after the disaster. Our resident grump, Mr. Fish was not very happy to be stuffed into a 10 gallon tank with our reef contents, so we immediately set out to find a nice replacement tank.


About thestackersreef

My name is Brandon Stacker and i am a hobbyist marine reef aquarium keeper from Lubbock, Texas. I go to school at Wayland Baptist University and am the happily married father of two.
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