Reef Tank Version 2.0

Our new Reef Tank is a 20 gallon long. We are sacrificing 9 gallons of water however it is almost the same length as the 29 gallon long while being 4 inches shorter allowing much more vertical access. The glass has a Starfire type tint to it and looks very nice.

New Reef Aquarium

I upgraded my lighting from a Wal Mart plant light sitting on top of the aquarium to the Current USA Nova Extreme T5 lights.

reef lighting

Lamp Configuration:
1x 65 watt Dual Daylight 6,700K / 10,000K Compact Fluorescent Lamp
1x 65 watt Dual Actinic 620nm / 460nm Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Total Wattage: 130 watts

I also added Chaeto Algae and more live rock. While at Mr. Aquarium my wife fell in love with a False Percula Clownfish which was swimming in their large display reef. His name is Stripes and Mr. Fish does not seem too happy to have a roomate.

In addition i ordered a hang on refugium from which has a built in skimmer like the ones on Bac Pac brand skimmers. For some reason it measures 15 inches tall instead of the stated 12.5 and for this reason is way too large to fit behind or beside the aquarium. Though not shown my hang on refugium is usually put on the front of the aquarium and though it takes up half of the viewing area of the tank, i believe that having a skimmer will help tremendously and will live with peering through the acrylic skimmer to see half my tank, at least until I can afford a good skimmer.


About thestackersreef

My name is Brandon Stacker and i am a hobbyist marine reef aquarium keeper from Lubbock, Texas. I go to school at Wayland Baptist University and am the happily married father of two.
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