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State of The Reef

Parameters: Hydrometer = 1.024 Calcium = 400 DKH = 11 or KH = 196.9 Phosphates 0 Nitrates 0 Fish: 1 Pajama Cardinal 1 False Percula Clownfish 1 Emerald Mithrax Crab 3 1/2 inches 1 Pink Pincushion Urchin At least 1 … Continue reading

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Lots of changes afoot

There have been lots of changes to my reef tank this week. On Friday i went to my LFS Mr. Aquarium and traded in my Anemone. The original goal was to┬ápollute┬ámy water quality in my display tank to the point … Continue reading

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Corrected Carbonate Hardness and Calcium Levels in Reef

My carbonate hardness levels when i tested my water yesterday were too high. After doing quite a bit of research i found that the reason that they were is that i use Instant Ocean Sea Salt for my reef and … Continue reading

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Anemone looks sick so i tested the water

I tested the water today because my Bubble Tipped Anemone looks sick. He has only been in the tank for three weeks and has never settled down in a spot that he likes. This anemone constantly moves about the tank, … Continue reading

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New Pink Pincushion Urchin: Pseudoboletia maculata

Today i added my Pink Pincushion Urchin in an attempt to combat a macro algae problem that i am having. I got an odd macro algae as a hitchiker from Mr. Aquarium live rock even though i left it in … Continue reading

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