Anemone looks sick so i tested the water

I tested the water today because my Bubble Tipped Anemone looks sick. He has only been in the tank for three weeks and has never settled down in a spot that he likes. This anemone constantly moves about the tank, especially at night, and is often found face down in the sand. This anemone may have been damaged by the staff of the lfs where i bought him as they pried him from the glass, foot damage in BTA’s is often fatal. This anemone has been turning darker with the white skin that extends from the foot to the tentacles that house the very green zoolanthae¬†turning a very brown color.

Nirate: 0


Calcium: 380 – 400

Carbonate hardness (Kh): 268.50


About thestackersreef

My name is Brandon Stacker and i am a hobbyist marine reef aquarium keeper from Lubbock, Texas. I go to school at Wayland Baptist University and am the happily married father of two.
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