Lots of changes afoot

There have been lots of changes to my reef tank this week. On Friday i went to my LFS Mr. Aquarium and traded in my Anemone. The original goal was to pollute my water quality in my display tank to the point that the Dictyota algae that i currently have in my tank would die.  This actually seemed like a really good idea till i realized that there has never been any sort of study done on the particular species that I have, and though Dictyota usually requires very pristine conditions, it lived through cycling live rock in the dark for three months, so it might not really be that damaged by a little extra fish food for a few weeks. So since i was now anemone free i turned my attention to new coral.

On Saturday i bought a large amount of pulsating xenia, an upright leather, a severely damaged closed brain coral, a moderately damaged open brain coral, and an almost doomed bubble coral.  I know that this is a whole lot to put in any size tank at once, however i could not resist the absolutely incredible buys when i purchased $150 and $200 corals for under $10.  It is very true that more than likely most of these corals will die, however if I can even save one i am miles ahead in terms of money, not to mention saving the corals life.

I will get pictures up on Thursday after Finals.


About thestackersreef

My name is Brandon Stacker and i am a hobbyist marine reef aquarium keeper from Lubbock, Texas. I go to school at Wayland Baptist University and am the happily married father of two.
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