Vodka OD = Death of my 20 gallon long

I killed all of the fish, clean up crew, and hitchikers in my favorite tank. Thats right everything that I have worked so hard for in the past two years is dead in my 20 gallon long. Unfortunately I forgot that I had already dosed my tank with vodka to increase the amount of bacteria ( i use vodka dosing to combat detritus as I heavily stock yet have coral that demands pristine water.)

The end result is that everything must have died rather suddenly. The clean up crew did not have a chance to do its job as the larger fish died. After reading many articles about accidental vodka overdose, i came to the conclusion that the high amount that I dosed must have made for a giant bacteria bloom which sucked the oxygen out of the water. This would have killed the fish within 10 minutes of the vodka being added.

The tank will sit fallow till I come up with a good idea. BTW: all of the coral seem to be none the worse for the accident.


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