Monthly Archives: July 2011

My lovely wife really wanted a Siganus Doliatus from the fishstore today.

  Today my wife and I went to the fish store to pick up a few buckets of water . We left with this awesome fish called the Barred Rabbitfish ( Siganus Doliatus .) We floated him for 10 minutes and … Continue reading

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Matted Pair of Seahorses (Hippocampus erectus)

Seahorses….. long thought to be the last frontier of the marine aquarist….. Now it seems that we may be the only hope for their survival. Two weeks ago I purchased two seahorses through my LFS here in Lubbock. The staff … Continue reading

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Olive the Kole Tang

I added a new Kole Tang named Olive to my 45 gallon long. She seems rather content and might like it better with the many caves instead of in a larger tank. Time will tell.

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