Matted Pair of Seahorses (Hippocampus erectus)

Seahorses….. long thought to be the last frontier of the marine aquarist….. Now it seems that we may be the only hope for their survival.

Colored Lined Seahorse (H. erectus)

Two weeks ago I purchased two seahorses through my LFS here in Lubbock. The staff there is excellent (if your from out of town you probably find this a foreign concept.) The horses are a mated pair from ORA and eat frozen mysis shrimp. They are in my 20 gallon long (which I nuked a few months back by vodka dosing)

As a person who is foremost concerned with the conservation of our oceans I welcome the opportunity to study and learn about these unique creatures, who are a Series II endangered species. And am looking forward to participating in the effort to keep these magnificent creatures from becoming extinct.


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