I have started on my new website: rarefrags.com.

I plan on selling my unique and rare corals directly to the marine aquarist instead of using a middleman like I have been doing. This will allow me to better fulfill the needs of the customer and will bring about a better buying experience for my many discriminating customers.

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Vodka OD = Death of my 20 gallon long

I killed all of the fish, clean up crew, and hitchikers in my favorite tank. Thats right everything that I have worked so hard for in the past two years is dead in my 20 gallon long. Unfortunately I forgot that I had already dosed my tank with vodka to increase the amount of bacteria ( i use vodka dosing to combat detritus as I heavily stock yet have coral that demands pristine water.)

The end result is that everything must have died rather suddenly. The clean up crew did not have a chance to do its job as the larger fish died. After reading many articles about accidental vodka overdose, i came to the conclusion that the high amount that I dosed must have made for a giant bacteria bloom which sucked the oxygen out of the water. This would have killed the fish within 10 minutes of the vodka being added.

The tank will sit fallow till I come up with a good idea. BTW: all of the coral seem to be none the worse for the accident.

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Zeke the Henriochus

Last month I added a new fish named Zeke to my new 45 gallon breeder tank. He is a Henriochus given to me by my father in law and acts just like a puppy. There have been concerns by many on these internets about the safety of the Henriochus with coral. I have found that mine does not nip coral polyps (though I do have had a green Clavularia polyp missing)

Despite reports of the contrary Zeke is a voracious eater and really likes freeze dried mysis shrimp. He has eaten both the Hikari type in the malted square, as well as just plain mysis shrimp that is freeze dried. He eats about 1 tablespoon of them a day! Which is far more than I have ever fed any tank, much less a single fish!

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I got a new tank!

I bought a new tank today. It is 300 gallon. It has 150 watt metal halides. It has a drilled overflow. I can use a 25 gallon tall as an under tank refugium. This thing is gonna make me some money growing frags…… as long as I dont go out and buy a big coral eating fish or something.

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No more SPS corals!

Back in January my Acropora decided to die. It made my whole house smell like rotten fruit in a matter of hours. This can be the first time I can truly say that my tank has crashed (and from what I hear from other reefers, it will probably not be the last.) I did twice daily water changes to try and save as much of my reef as possible, however within 72 hours my beautiful ORA Mandarin was dead, my Accro was dead, my Pincusion urchin was dead, my plate Montipora lived for another two weeks, however it soon died. Any hopes for any SPS or frags in my tank soon vanished because of a hair algae outbreak following the nitrate spike from the crash.

To keep the rest of my coral from dying I sold my Finger Leather (since i am afraid that part of my tanks problems have been chemical warfare from my Finger Leather,) and have let the tank rest for the last 3 months only adding a rather large crew of snails, cleaner shrimps, hermit crabs, brittle starfish, and a Diamond Goby to clean the sand. In this time I have kept only my remaining Pom Pom Xenia, a large Cabbage Leather, a large Pavona Cactus (i know its an SPS but it is one of the easier to take care of.) And my orange Ricordia Mushroom.

I have began dosing vodka, I know that most people believe that it is more voodoo than chemistry, however I talked to my Science Prof at school, and he explained that the vodka gave the beneficial algae a source of food that did not add phosphorus to my tank and therefore it was actually better than most other types of dosing. I have also been dosing 2 part (Kent Marine Nano) on a weekly basis as well as doing a 25% water change weekly and adding freshwater to combat evaporation every other day. Since the death of my ORA Mandarin I have not fed any frozen food or shrimp, nor have I been feeding the tank as much, therefore I have been able to keep my nitrates down.

Because of the vodka dosing my nitrates have fallen to almost 0 and I now have a tank that is clean enough to be an SPS tank, however I have recently decided that I really like the somewhat easier to keep (if not just as expensive or more, LPS)

I traded my Pavona Cactus today for a Hammer (Euphyllia Ancora) and have been for the past few weeks stocking up on different common mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp.) These make a great addition to my Rhodactus Mushroom already in the tank (for a month or so) which has been hosted by our clownfish Stripes. I have also bought a quite tall colony of Xenia, and will attempt to make it grow up the back wall of the tank.

In all my reef tank is starting to look much better, and not so much like a crash survivor. Around the first of April I will have more posts as I decide which way this tank will go.



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Lots of new additions!

Have a new ORA tank raised mandarin goby, traded my scopas tang back to the LFS.

Got a really good deal on some birdsnest acro (with an acro crab), cabbage, and pavorite corals.

Added small frag of candy cane, monti, and something else

Hacked my xenia up and attempted to glue them to the back wall, didnt work and i almost lost all of my pulsing xenia. I also fragged my GSP and attempted to glue it to the side walls of the tank, it is not working very well though.

My mithrax crab was attempting to eat the mandarin goby so he has been moved to the 10 gallon hospital tank.

ppm KH = 179
Calcium = 500

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State of The Reef

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Hydrometer = 1.024
Calcium = 400
DKH = 11 or KH = 196.9
Phosphates 0
Nitrates 0

1 Pajama Cardinal

Pajama Cardinal named Mr. Fish and a False Percula Cownfish named Stripes

Mr. Fish and Stripes

1 False Percula Clownfish
1 Emerald Mithrax Crab 3 1/2 inches
1 Pink Pincushion Urchin

Kooshball the Pink Pincushion Urchin

Kooshball the Pink Pincushion Urchin

At least 1 Stomatella Snail

Scientific NameStomatella varia
:     Mullusca
Common Names:

Stomatella look like a cross between a snail and slug. Their shell is fairly flat and inconspicuous compared to most snails.  They are brownish green in color and seem to stay under about 3/4″ in length.  Stomatella can move very quickly for a snail.


Various Cerith, and Astrena snails, Blue legged hermits, White legged hermits

1 Green Star Polyp + 1 GSP frag

1 Closed Brain Coral
Damaged Closed Brain Coral
1 Open Brain Coral
Damaged Open Brain Coral
1 Bubble Coral

Bubble Coral shieldied by Chaeto Algae and a cave.

Bubble Coral shieldied by Chaeto Algae and a cave.

3 Stalks Pulsing Xenia

1 Finger Leather Coral
Finger Leather Coral
1 Ricordia Mushroom fragged to 3 pieces
Orange with Green Mouth Mushroom on Frag Plug Orange with Green Mouth Mushroom after fragging in a dish covered with bridal veil in reef tank.
Chaeto is in tank shielding Bubble Coral from bright light and being eaten by Mithrax
Green Chaeto Algae shields bubble Coral and produces Copepods. Emerald Mithrax loves to eat it.
Red Dictyota is attempting to take over tank
Pink Coraline algae finally starting to appear on walls of tank

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